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    Buy, Sell, and Trade your way to a better closet

    One of my first buying jobs was when I was in college at a store called Crossroads Trading company. I remember coming home to my father after my first day of work, As I’m telling him all about my day and the concept of the store his face instantly showed a mix of confusion and disgust.  He didn’t get the concept or why anyone would wear used clothes by choice. 

    Fast forward four months later; I was wearing Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Cynthia Vicente, Tory Burch, etc. Like most people, his perception changed. Shopping at Buy, Sell, Trade stores gave me an opportunity to wear the clothes I loved but never could afford at normal retail price. Years later I’m still a fan of Buy, Sell, Trade stores.
    After every season, I clean out my closet of things I don’t want or wear anymore, and take those clothes straight to sell or trade.
    Frequenting these stores is a huge part of my process to maintaining my closet and buying strategy for the following season.

    My Favorite Buy, Sell, Trade stores

    I frequent the stores Crossroads Trading Company and Buffalo Exchange the most.  Crossroads Trading Company usually has more designer pieces and Buffalo Exchange has amazing unique finds and vintage.

    If you have never sold your clothes at a store like this, it can be intimidating. So I’ll try to break it down so it’s not so overwhelming and you know what to expect.

    How it Works

    Since I visit these stores most, I’ll explain how they work.

    • Bring clothes you want to sell.
    • Make sure these are washed and clean.
    • Make sure the clothes are in good condition — no holes or peeling.
    • Make sure they are in season.  These clothes go straight on the floor after they buy them, so don’t try to sell them Sweaters in the summertime.  They want appropriate season clothing.
    • Make sure you have time (about 1-2 hours) there is usually a line to sell clothes, but I use this time to shop around the store to see if there is anything, I want so I can use my trade for it.
    • Don’t get offended if they don’t take some clothing pieces.  It could be something they have too much of at that time, or they know that style doesn’t sell well for their Demographic.

    At the end of your “buy” they will total up the selling prices of the pieces they are keeping and either give you 30% back in cash or 50% in trade to shop in the store.  If  you don’t find anything you like that day to trade, you can use the trade another day as a gift card.

     Some stores also offer consignment selling if it’s higher price retail. So, consignment is an option as well.


    Going to Buy/Sell/Trade stores gives you an opportunity to find some great pieces for your closet at a fraction of the cost.  You can find some great pieces for a fraction of what you would pay in a regular store.

    Even if you decide to take the cash, you can put the money towards other clothes that you have your eye on. That’s money you didn’t have in your pocket before. So, it’s a win-win.

    There are tons of different Buy/ Sell/ Trade stores or consignment stores with great clothing pieces at low prices. I hope this post inspires you to go and check one out.

    Xx, Christa

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