3 Steps to loving your closet

Have you ever stood in front of your closet full of clothes but found nothing to wear? This would happen to me all the time. So, I tried a new approach. As a buyer in the fashion industry, we would buy seasonally for the stores, look at trends, outfit pairing, inventory, and the budget among other things.
Implementing aspects of my buying strategy from my work life into my shopping habits in my personal life helped with creating more outfit options. Rather than having single clothing pieces purchased on an emotional whim and little to wear them with, I found this approach kept me focused and at the same time saved me from overspending.

Steps to my shopping approach

Step 1: Make a shopping wish list

o I start by looking at Fashion trends I like for the season coming up. (magazines, blogs, Pinterest, etc.)
o I see what I already own in my closet that will work in those trends to build outfits.
o I come up with a list of pieces I like and need for the trend or looks I’m trying to achieve. Making sure to keep in mind nightlife, work, and casual outfits. (I want pieces that can create multiple outfits)
o I identify if it’s an essential piece or a trend piece.

Essential Pieces are key items you will use to create multiple outfits throughout the season; this is when I’m willing to spend a little more money.
Trend Pieces are true to the seasonal trends but will likely not be a part of your wardrobe the following season, these items I will try to find on a budget.

Example of my Fall 18” /Winter 19” List

My Essentials
o New black booties
o Black leather or faux leather crossbody bag
o Black raw hem midrise skinny jeans
o New black turtle neck
o Moto jacket (which I already had in my closet)
o Good red lipstick (Already own)

Trend pieces
o Faux fur or Fuzzy coat leopard or burnt orange color
o Black Backer boy hat
o Lace bodysuit
o Lace long sleeve bodysuit
o Couple crop sweaters that I could wear with pants or over dresses
o Tights (warm plain ones & dot designed)
o Dresses I can layer with

Step 2: Closet Clean Out

After I get my list together, I DON’T start shopping yet. I begin my closet clean out. Getting rid of the old clothes to make room for new. I go piece by piece and ask myself these questions.

  1. Have I worn this piece in the last two months?
  2. How many outfits can I create with this piece of clothing?
  3. Does this piece fit into my vision of the coming season
    Whatever clothing pieces I decide to get rid of I either sell, trade, or donate. Selling or trading clothes helps towards the cost of your future wardrobe.

Step 3: Buying

At this point, my list is made and the style hunting begins!

I hope a look into my process helps get your closet where you want it to be.

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