One size fits none

Realizing how vital a great fit is was an eye-opener to me.   I have a curvier body type, and I’m all over the spectrum of sizing. I’m smaller sizing in shirts and dresses, but larger in pants.  So fit is essential for me not to look bigger then I am.  Here are some tips for the perfect fit.

Shop For your Body Type NOT by trend

We have all participated in trends we should not be participating in, (cough cough, mid-2000’s low rise jeans).   Just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you should wear it. What looks good on a girl who has a more athletic body, won’t look good on a curvier body.  Look at styles that flatter your body type and stick with those silhouettes no matter the trend. 

Example:  I’m bottom heavy but smaller up top, so I try to stay away from tops with too much volume. 

Always try to showcase your best features.

STOP looking at sizes

Okay, we all want to be a smaller size but is it worth it if it creates love handles and a stomach pouch? Wearing something too small or too big can make you look 10 lbs heavier. All brands fit differently.  You might be a size 27 in one brand and 28 in another. Be mindful of how the clothing is making you look and feel, not just the size on the label.

Don’t just go off photos

One of my first responsibility’s at Wetseal inc. was to style the modals at photo shoots.  What you don’t see behind the scenes is all the pinning, cutting, and tricks that happen for the clothing to look perfect in the photos.  So just going off photos isn’t realistic.

Zara and other retailers have a great feature now that asks you age, weight, height, and body type to help you find the perfect size while shopping online. After you fill it out once, it will give you the suggested size to buy on every item you click into. If the website doesn’t have this feature, I recommend to read all the reviews on that item.

Make Alterations your best friend

Everyone’s body is different and buying clothes from a store with a universal fit doesn’t always work.   Most companies have one or two girls who they use as the fit models.  Most of us don’t have the same body shape as them. So alterations are a perfect answer to get a perfect fit.  With doing alterations, you end up looking more put together and its figure flattering.  With proper fitting clothes, you can make any body shape or weight look good.  You can make a $50 pant look like $200 bucks. 

Finding someone who you trust for alterations is the first step.  I know some stores like Nordstrom do it for free when you buy from them, but a lot of local Cleaners do minor alterations as well.

Be specific with what you want.  Shorter, cinched in, etc. Showing them photos of what you want helps.

I hope these tips help you feel more put together and confident in your clothes.



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